Citation preference for Bibles?

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Doug Dunbar | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Feb 25 2010 9:43 AM

This may be a bit tricky, but is there a way to have Bible citations not included in the footnote automation to Word?  For most publication and term paper guidelines, biblical references are parenthetical (Matt 1:1 NASB) and do not need to be footnoted.

As I mark student papers, it's a bit crazy to have 15-20 footnotes giving me the entire footnote for every copied verse from the same translation.

I guess what would need to be created is a different citation style/preferences for Bibles vs. other resources.  Just a suggestion

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Michael Kares | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Feb 25 2010 9:54 AM

Aww.... As a student, ridiculously long footnotes are my favorite part!  You can write less that way Devil--if you so desireAngel

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Daniel B. | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Feb 25 2010 12:58 PM

I second Doug's suggestion, or perhaps a variant of it. Give us the option, within each citation style of choosing it.

I'm not very familiar with other citation systems anymore, but there are three variations for Turabian:

Bibliography w/ footnote citations

Bibliography w/ endnote citations

Reference list w/ parenthetical citations


Maybe have an option, beyond picking the citation style (Turabian, CMOS, MLA, APA, ad nauseum) of having a quick glance at all of the citation data. Basically, what I am thinking of is just like how online journals (EBSCO, Wilson OmniFile, et al) show when one clicks Cite

For instance....

Title: God in the Wasteland - The reality of truth in a world of fading dreams

Author: David F. Wells

Publishing City/State: Grand Rapids, MI

Publisher: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company

Year: 1994

Edition: First



Since there are a multitude of publishing styles and sub-styles, this might help appease the masses. I know it would make me happy, as from class to class the preferences of the Professors vary widely. And I am certainly going to make sure they have the paper exactly as they want it. Happy professor + well-written, properly documented paper == A     (I hope) Big Smile


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Alan Macgregor | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Feb 26 2010 4:43 AM

What about giving us the same customisation utility as L3 (but not LforMac 1, sadly)? That way I can use different citation setups for different purposes, depending on whether I am producing the monthly pastoral letter, sermon or academic paper. That would be ideal, but am I wishing for the Sleep?

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Lauren M. Mitchell | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Feb 26 2010 4:57 AM

Agree with Doug and Daniel. A very useful set of options. Same experiences.

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