TIP of the day: Actions from the Panel Menu part 5

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, May 5 2016 7:28 PM

As I am heading to a grade school reunion (for those who graduated 40 years or more ago), you're getting an extra TIP today. Trivia about the school. My father's class would have been the first first grade in the school had the Spanish flu not cancelled a year of school. Until the early 1940's it went from grade 1 through high school in a single building. When I attended it was grades 1-8 in three rooms.

40. The Save as Collection option saves the contents of a bibliography (or other resource list) as a Collection. Note this is a fixed not a dynamic collection given an appropriate title.

41. The Copy Bible Verses tool has several tool specific Panel Menu entries. This includes Creating a new style.

42. It also includes Edit Style

43. It also includes Delete Style  Styles that are available with the system as delivered include:

44. The Global shortcut option allows you to select the keyboard shortcut you use to invoke the CBV.

45. The Text Comparison tool has display options available on the Panel Menu.. You may allow the system to determine whether a horizontal or vertical layout is more appropriate for the space available and the number of texts being compared.

46. You may request a Horizontal layout in which the versions are shown in columns.

47. You may request a Vertical layout in which the results are shown verse by verse with the translations shown in separate lines.

48. In the Text Comparison one can control how the comparison is shown, requesting Show differences in which text that differs is highlighted by font color.

49. You may also request that one a difference is detected, the base text used for comparison is shown in parens by turning Show base text on.

50. In text comparison one can control how certain typographical features are treated. Ignore case disables upper/lower cases differences being tagged as a difference.

51. Ignore marks disables diacritical mark differences being tagged as a differences.

52. Ignore punctuation disables punctuation differences being tagged as differences.

53. In the Cited By tool one can control the contents and the sequence of the matches. Selecting Expanded View provides the Resource and the first portion of the results - and links to open them.

54. Selecting Compact view provides only the Resource name - and links to open them.

55. The results may be shown in rank order by selecting Sort results by search rank order.

56. The results may be shown in resource order by selecting Sort results by resource.

57. The Information Tool allows one to control if it updates on Hover or Click via the Panel Menu.

58. Bible Harmony resources have a Send to Sentence Diagram option on their Panel Menu. It is given an appropriate name.

Okay my estimate of 60 functions was low - there are still 10 or so standard functions that appear on many Panel Menus to go.

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