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Adam Lambert | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jun 28 2016 3:50 PM

Earlier today I was sharing somethings with a lady who had a very hard time seeing the text in Logos so I increased the size to 200%. All went well after that until I started to changed the setting back. When I opened up tool the utility area was below the page and there was no way to scroll down. I remembered the font size was second option below utlities so I got mine reset but this is something that should be a simple fix I would think.

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Robert M. Warren | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jun 28 2016 4:59 PM

Hi Adam:

Have you ever seen someone with one of those Chinese finger traps and just had to try it yourself? I just did. Big Smile

But I found the way out is to type "show program settings" in the Command Box. You can then scroll down to reset the scaling.

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There are four lights

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Adam Lambert | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Jun 29 2016 4:07 AM

Does that mean I should send you one of those finger traps?? lol. Thanks for the information.

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