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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Jul 24 2016 6:29 PM

How do I control how resources scroll?


The problem is that you have columns set to "1" or more. "Scrolling mode" is columns set to "none"

MJ. Smith:

I don't have the problem on many resources ... but have you tried clicking on the arrowhead at the bottom of the scroll bar? I find it gives me finer control of the scrolling.

Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :):

What is the Mouse Properties setting for Wheel ?

Windows Control Panel has vertical scrolling option for # of lines OR One screen at a time.

Jonathan Pitts:

Have you found the arrows highlighted here?

You need to turn on "show locator bar." That is found in the resource menu (book cover, upper left corner of panel). 

How do I get a Bible in the Faithlife Study Bible?

Graham Criddle:
The FSB and a Bible are separate resources but it is possible to link them.

In the library, type type:bible to see which bible resources you might have.

MJ. Smith:

The Bibles that "work" with the FSB are listed in its Forward. They are ESV, KJV 1900, LEB, NASB95, NIV, NKJV, NRSV

An advantage of Logos is that you can use ANY translation with study bible notes. Therefore study bibles are separate resources within Logos from the translation that accompanies it (if any). The FSB technically doesn't have an accompanying translation... If it did, it would be the LEB (since that is the "FL" translation). 

How do I search for the historic present in the Greek?

Graham Criddle:

Are you a Logos Now subscriber? If so, you can search for them as below:


How do I remove a highlight?


There are a couple of ways to erase a highlight. First you could open the Note File in which the highlight resides and delete the note there. The easiest way is to simply right click on the highlighted word or passage and select "Remove Annotations".

You can easily move or copy individual highlight styles.

1. Open the Highlighting Pane

2. Expand the Palette that contains the style you want to copy

3. Hovering over the desired style click the drop down arrow on the right

4. If you want to retain a copy of the style in more than one palette, select duplicate, and then move the duplicated style to the desired palette

5. If you simply want to move a style from one Palette to another, don't worry about duplicating and just move the style to the desired palette.

How do I copy a highlight style from a Logos defined Palette?


The pre-loaded palettes that come with Logos must be duplicated first. To  do this:

1. Hover over the Palette name and click the dropdown arrow on the right

2. Click duplicate

A new Palette that is exactly like the one duplicated will be created and you can use the steps above to move or duplicate individual highlighting styles

Just to clarify, you can move or copy an individual highlight style from a (duplicate) preloaded palette.

How do I find the theme of  assurance in the "Contemporary Significance" section of all my NIVAC commentaries in one search?

Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :):

([field heading,largetext,surface] assurance) AFTER 1111 WORDS ([field heading,largetext] "Contemporary Significance")

How can I get totals by books in a morph search?

Graham Criddle:

Try switching into analysis view and then grouping by Book & Reference

That should give you something you can work with.

(To enable columns in Analysis view - right-click and select, to group by columns - drag headings to the top)

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