Keyboard issues on MS Surface in tablet mode

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David A Egolf | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Aug 13 2016 8:36 PM

First, I apologize if this issue has been discussed in the forums.  I am currently unable to search the forums on ANY of my devices.  Any attempt to perform a search of any text, other than "installation", oddly enough, fails with an error page. I have reported this problem on the forum.

I have a Surface Book, but I am reading on the web that regular Surface tablets have similar issues.  When the Surface screen is not docked to the keyboard in keyboard mode, placing a cursor in a text field does not cause the virtual keyboard to appear.  Further, if I am attempting to make an entry on the "Library" pull-down, I first have to visit the control on the task bar to manually bring up the virtual keyboard.  This action changes the cursor focus to a standard search tab while the library pull-down goes away.  This forces me to once again invoke the library and place the cursor in the search field.

I realize that the behavior of having to manually visit the task bar in order to get the keyboard to appear is a problem that MS should fix.  I don't understand how one could place a cursor and NOT invoke a virtual keyboard.  My son has seen people complaining about this behavior, as well. 

On a Kindle forum someone stated that Windows 10 on Surface devices does not respond correctly to desktop applications.  However, I have even noticed the problem when using the system settings controls of the OS. 

I checked a few cases using Microsoft Edge, their new web browser, and it seems to work.  This makes me think that a desktop app designer might be able to alleviate the problem even if MS does not come forward with a fix.

Meanwhile,  my Surface Book is really annoying for anything in Logos besides reading.  I would certainly appreciate any suggestions.

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