Cascadia Syntax Graphs of the Septuagint

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NB.Mick | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jan 6 2017 2:31 AM

This resource once was a PrePub, but didn't make it through the process and was taken off the program. Maybe this was due to not many people considering actively doing syntax analysis in the first place. I admit, it is a daunting task to me, too! But I suggest reconsidering the decision and finding a way to produce this resource. Some arguments would be:

  • we are in a much better position for syntax searches now than back in the days: We have a active Faithlife group for Syntax Searches with over 250 members where many examples are shared, so people can learn it, discuss it, get their questions answered etc.
  • we are in a much better position regarding Septuagint research (even though we are still lacking one widespread translation) in terms of the larger OT canon being reflected in the Logos/Verbum program functionality and user base, so this resource would be a logical extension
  • unlike technical analysis of the Hebrew OT, being able to analyze the syntax of the Septuagint will actually provide insights into the meaning of the Greek NT (Peter makes this point in a much more detailed argument and from the perspective of one who actually uses this kind of stuff) 
  • of course, being able to do this kind of analysis would once again demonstrate the unparalleled position of Logos as the premier bible software way ahead of competitors  

The book was recently added to uservoice - I'd suggest those users who are interested in seeing this resource come to light add their votes (remember that votes are not scarce as in the uservoice for program features, but can freely be given).

EDIT: I just see Peter posted while I was still writing here Smile

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