Zondervan discounts nearly useless for Pradis owners with large libraries

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Ted Hans | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Mar 18 2010 12:02 PM

Matthew C Jones:

I'm asking you to give a little more thought before using your one-time discount opportunity for just the one resource. I have certainly done more than my share of ranting about this. Ranting behind me now, I've looked at the complete collection from a different perspective. I've actually been talking this over with my wife. (That's a new one.) I am familiar with most of the resources because I bought them in Pradis like you did. Since you don't HAVE to act this week I hope you take a few days to imagine how beneficial the complete collection would be running integrated under the  Logos interface. And a major factor in this equation is the support you will get through the Logos staff. (That should be the trump card, imo.) If you doubt me, ask a few that bought the Calvin Collection or Spurgeon Collection in the last few hours of Pre-Pub. See if they regret it. They saved a lot and now see those resources from within Logos and not by PDF, or another 3rd party's inferior interface.

Some things in life are so painful an experience you don't want to re-live them over & over. Skipping the complete Zondervan Collection will only ensure you re-live those feelings every time you boot up Pradis to use the old titles. Then, whenever you hit that "speed bump" in efficiency running under Pradis instead of Logos, you will re-live that pain all over again. Unless you enjoy pain or think God is trying to teach you something through enduring it, I encourage you to forgive Zondervan for past wrongs (perceived or real) and take advantage of this opportunity and buy the whole set.  Almost every single volume is of the highest quality. Almost. Big Smile




Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your kind response to Richard, very refreshing! All this talk & advice from various poster to "get over it" without acknowledging his pain has been less than helpful in IMHO. I think in your last post you struck the right balance & i just wanted to let you know. As one who has all things Pradis i do understand where Richard is coming from.

Thanks for not rubbing the pain in where Richard is concerned, even though i think it is time to move on. Right or wrong our brother was offended how one responds to his offense is important.

Every blessing.



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Jim VanSchoonhoven | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Mar 18 2010 2:56 PM

I have a large Pradis collection with over 100 books and even if I bought the new Logos collection I would still have copyrighted sources that I only have in Pradis.

The way I see it , what Zondervan has done is over and done with, and I can not change that, I still have all things Pradis, but for how many years I don't know.

And although in this economy I can not buy the whole Logos set, I can still update some of my resources!!!

I have never liked Pradis, but it was easy to carry those books around!!!  Now Logos is giving me 40% off on good Zondervan resources in what I believe is the worlds best home educational system, I will buy the max that I can afford, and I will do it with a joyful heart, knowing these resources will be used much more often and will be much more meaningful to me.

I am thankful for what the Lord is allowing me to get!  But I got to admit my flesh keeps tugging on me, to walk in the flesh and not by faith!

In Christ,


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