Psalm of the Day: A Companion to Donald Whitney's "Praying the Bible"

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Liam | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Feb 26 2017 8:22 PM

3580.Psalm of the Day.docx

Made this for myself! Figured someone else might benefit from it!

This is a personal book that will allow you to more easily pray the Psalms and Proverbs according to Donald Whitney's plan in his book "Praying the Bible". The plan gives the option each day of choosing one of 5 Psalms to pray through (and in this book the Proverbs are also an option). Having 5 Psalms to choose from for each day gives the reader (and pray-er) the benefit of choosing the Psalm (or Proverb) that most speaks to their emotional and spiritual state on any given day. The reader will often find that one of the 5 Psalms is uniquely fitted for them, and is a salve for their heart on that morning.

Here's how the plan works. The first Psalm on the list is the same Psalm as the date of the day of the month. Each of the additional 4 Psalms are simply adding 30 to the first for the day. So, on January 1st, you will have the option of reading Psalm 1, Psalm 31, Psalm 61, Psalm 91, or Psalm 121 (or in this book, Proverbs 1). The reader should scan the possible readings for the day, and choose to pray through the one that speaks to their situation and need most. The one exception to having the 5 to choose from is the 31st of the month, which gives you the choice of praying Psalm 119, Proverbs 31, Song of Songs (which isn't much longer than Psalm 119), the Lord's Prayer, or the High Priestly Prayer. For more on how to pray the Bible with this plan, see Donald Whitney's book referenced above (it really is a great read!). 

So why this personal book? This PB makes looking up the Psalms easier for the reader in a few ways. First, no math is needed, simply choose the chapter that corresponds with the day of the month each morning (I know adding 30 is so hard right?). Second, and this is really the point of the resource, I included the ESV Psalm titles, so the reader can quickly scan the Psalm titles, and more easily see which Psalm will be most helpful to them that day. I also have included the chapters of Proverbs since many people already have the habit of reading one chapter of Proverbs for each day of the month. I made my own Proverbs chapter titles as well, to allow the reader to get an idea of the content and compare it with the Psalm chapter titles to see which is most helpful on any given morning. I'll admit, my Proverbs chapter titles aren't great, and I borrowed ideas from "The Message" for them because it's one of the few resources that adds chapter headings to Proverbs (although I changed them a bit because they didn't match the tone of the ESV's Psalm headings). 

All this said, I hope this is a blessing to you, and helps you pray the Psalms. Enjoy!

Also- compile this as a monograph

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Paul | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Feb 26 2017 9:09 PM

Thanks Liam ! Yes

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Bruce Dunning | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 27 2017 3:48 AM

I appreciate you sharing this Liam. Thanks.

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Rodney Phillips | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 27 2017 4:05 AM


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Liam | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 27 2017 5:33 AM

I also created a reading plan for this going through the rest of the Bible. This reading plan includes every book except the Psalms, Proverbs, and Song of Solomon (since they're included in the resource above). I typically begin with the resource above in a Psalm, and then I move on to pray through the rest of this plan. Since Whitney distinguishes slightly between prayer in the Psalms, and prayer in the Epistles, and majorly in prayer for the narrative portions of Scripture, I made a plan for all narrative books in Scripture and then also for all the more letter/treatise books. I also alternated between New Testament and Old Testament books. After compiling the narrative books as it's own reading plan, and the treatise books as it's own reading plan, I make a custom plan and import both. This way I can read a section in each, each day!

Here's the list of books if you would like to set up a reading plan around my adaptation from Whitney's book:

Narrative books:

Matthew, Genesis, Mark, Exodus, Luke, Leviticus, Acts, Numbers, John, Deut, Matt, Job, Mar, Josh, Luke, Judges, Acts, Ruth, John, 1 Sam, Matt, 2 Sam, Mark, 1 Kings, Luke, 2 Kings, Acts, 1 Chronicles, John, 2 Chronicles, Matthew, Ezra, Mark, Neh, Luke, Esther

Treatise books:

Ecclesiastes, Romans, Isaiah, 1 Corinthians, Jeremiah, 2 Corinthians, Lamentations, Galatians, Ezekiel, Ephesians, Daniel, Philippians, Hosea, Colossians, Joel, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, Amos, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Obadiah, Titus, Jonah, Philemon, Micah, Hebrews, Nahum, James, Habakkuk, 1Peter, 2 Peter, Zephaniah, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Haggai, Jude, Zechariah, Revelation, Malachi

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DominicM | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Feb 28 2017 10:57 AM

5504.Psalm of the Day Dynamic.docx

Took the source and changed it so it preloads the psalm text from your preferred bible, could be prettier, but may help some

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Scott Wright | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jun 12 2017 4:31 AM

How do I import this into L7?  Thanks


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Rodney Phillips | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jun 12 2017 8:33 AM

Save the Doc file and the Pic of the book and then go to your "Personal Books" in Logos and create it there..

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