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David Mullens | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 27 2017 4:06 PM

I noticed a new option under "FaithLife Originals" so I thought I'd check it out. Looking through the questions, one caught my eye...on whether pastors should be paid.

Topic aside, I find it amusing listening to those who are not pastors talk about what should or shouldn't happen with pastors...but more than that, I find it interesting on how pastors are viewed...such as...if pastors lose their job they have no other skills in the real world...all they know is preaching once a week...such as the Megachurch pastor who loses his job...where does he work? Starbucks. 

Really guys. Perhaps I'm being overly sensitive, but I know pastors who have left full-time ministry and they do just fine. Thanks for the concern, but pastors tend to have more going on than many people realize. Some can people...I know of one who even started selling cars! 

I did find it disappointing on how a Logos scholar in resident apparently views pastors...especially when those same pastors basically enable him to do what he does. I'm not against moving to a different church model and I'm even open to having an full-time job...for a while I a Java Developer...made a lot more money...less headaches too...but I digress.

Anyway, I'm not against moving to such a model, but if I wasn't in full-time ministry I probably wouldn't be spending all this money on Logos Bible Software.

As I continued to watch, I started wondering why they haven't tried implementing their cool model. Neither one were in full-time ministry, so they already had that piece. Why not start what they were talking about and report back?

Interesting show...but felt like a couple of guys just talking...sharing their opinions...very anecdotal...felt the show would have been helped with some research rather than a few churches that they knew about. Haven't watched the other episodes...hopefully more research focused.

Also...thought it would be good if there was a place for feedback/discussion/etc. I see there is a faithlife group with 3 members....but no posts. 

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Bob Pritchett | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 27 2017 4:45 PM

Thanks for engaging the conversation!

Questions Aloud is an experimental project, and your feedback is important. I know (just from experience!) that Mike likes to be a bit provocative, and we're seeing if that leads to productive conversations... or not! :-)

You can Follow Questions Aloud at and continue the conversation there -- Mike should be engaging directly.


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David Mullens | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 27 2017 5:26 PM

Thanks for the response.

A long time ago I realized that people tend to believe their jobs are harder than other people's jobs. So, those who are not pastors, view pastor's jobs the same way...the old...they only work one day a week. 

Since my church is subscribed to FaithLifeTV, after watching that episode, I wonder how the people of my congregation will end up viewing pastors. Seems like the program perpetuated the stereotype that pastors are locked into pastoring and if they ever lose their job they won't be able to support their families...although they did say the might be able work at Starbucks. I think he was probably being facetious, but I'm not sure.

I'm not surprised when I read or hear such sentiments from YouTube, or some blog...but coming from a Logos/Faithlife produced programming...I have to tell you...was a bit shocking. Perhaps I was expecting a bit more research.

I'm not saying or arguing that pastors should be paid...I'm not sure the question was dealt with adequately. Thanks for the link...I had already followed the group...but there are only 2 other followers so I thought I'd post here ;)

Peace, David.

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Mike Heiser | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 27 2017 5:53 PM


I agree with you that pastors do a lot that goes unrecognized. I have many friends who are pastors. But I think you're missing the main point of my view/thoughts:  if pastors weren't paid they would be more free in significant ways. Contrary to a negative view of pastors, I've seen two many held hostage by their congregations. I doubt you recommend that for any pastor. I'm for holding congregations accountable, not for taking away a pastor's livelihood. 

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David Mullens | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Feb 27 2017 6:07 PM

Thanks for the response Michael.

I did get your point and you are making mine as well. I only know of one pastor who has been held hostage by their congregation and who ended up being fired. The vast majority of pastors I know are not held hostage.My point is my experience is is your's.

FWIW, In my denomination we are assigned to churches so we aren't hired by the church and are not fired by the church. 

Anyway, after watching some of your Mobile Ed courses, I was expecting more of a discussion...especially Paul's approach to ministry...his comments about labors deserving their pay, how Israel supported the priests, etc. etc.

I did, however, sense your care and concern for those pastors who are held hostage by their congregation. I'm still unconvinced that is a reason to not pay a pastor. I did post in the show's faithlife group a link to churches that are my mind is a different topic than whether to pay a pastor. Not paying a pastor assumes there _is_ a pastor who isn't being paid...rather than a church being led by a team of Elders. In my mind those two models are different.

Again...thanks for your response. I very much appreciate the Mobile Ed courses and I will check out some of the other Questions Aloud as well ;)

Peace, David.

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