Bock on Historical Jesus (and the Disciples)

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JoshInRI | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Apr 11 2017 9:11 AM


I saw this link today and realize they are having 75% off and wondered how it compares to similar materials in Logos with the same author.

Anyone have time to list all the Logos resources on sale covering the same topic and by the same author please?

Blessings and Happy Easter (a little early)

Joshua in Rhode Island

p.s. I grew out a full beard for the first time in my life and I am playing doubting Thomas in a re-enactment of the Davinci painting at our church Thursday night.  What other Logos books about The Disciples other than the Bible and 12 Extraordinary Men do you all recommend?  Also I know the Davinci painting is not how it all really happened in terms of layout and freezeframe but it makes for inspirational moment and I have been humbled portraying Thomas.

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David Thomas | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Apr 11 2017 5:04 PM

I have taught through the Systematic Theology Courses 3x - Credo house is very good stuff (if you are from the conservative, dispensational line of thought of Dallas Theological Seminary). I have not done The particular course that you are asking about. But Credo is reliable. Darrell Bock is reliable. I would say the production quality will probably be simpler than a Logos Course, but the material in a Credo course will be accurate and easy to understand.

Blessings on your portrayal of Thomas. Tradition says that he went on to evangelize India - maybe God will use you outside of Rhode Island after your graduation. Big Smile

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JoshInRI | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Apr 12 2017 8:57 PM

....ironically my church is supporting several locations, pastors, and churches in India now.  Many well trained men and women are being raised up and supported IN INDIA (meaning they are citizens and residents there) to become Pastors.  I will go wherever God leads my wife and I though I would love to be an associate pastor in the United States.  I pray I am humble enough to go wherever God would call or have us go in HIS world.  

Glory to God...Jesus Lead On!

Joshua in Rhode Island

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GregW | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Apr 13 2017 3:10 AM

There are a number of relevant resources available in Logos:

This course by Craig Evans is good - I'm about two-thirds of the way through it. 

If you search "Jesus outside the New Testament " in the Logos store, you get some helpful stuff: 

I've just read Gary Habermas's The Historical Jesus which s also an excellent resource (and pretty cheap!). 

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