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Veli Voipio | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Jun 13 2017 12:09 AM

I came across this book and bought it.

It has an interesting concept with interactivity and links. The links to the maps seem to work, although this is not up to the level I wish that links to maps should/could be.

Something similar is in the Geographic commentary Not really travel guide but has interactive links.

I've also bought Day One travel guides, for example which are written in the more traditional way of travel books

Comparing them I am not sure which is the best way to go, but I feel that the interactive editions are the way to go. The main problem is getting distracted and losing the general overview and consistency?

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Dale E Heath | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Jun 13 2017 9:17 AM

I frequently do that in Logos forums, Logos books, and searching the Internet. I start down a rabbit trail by right clicking on a link and choosing Open In A New Tab. I continue doing that until I've gone as far as I want to. I will then delete that tab and go back to the previous tab. I will keep doing that until I get back to where I want to take a different trail. After I've exhausted all the trails I want, I delete tabs until I'm back to the original. It takes a lot of discipline to right click only and open a new tab and not overlaying your current tab. If I get too many tabs open, my system slows down a little (or a lot).

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