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Larry Craig | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jul 27 2017 11:09 AM

I made this suggestion yesterday and see it in the list of recent posts, but usually when I post something to the forum, the post is sent to me as well.  This one was not, and there were no replies, which is unusual as well.  So I am posting it again.  I hope I am not breaking protocol here.

Logos has introduced hyperlinks where material that I have placed in WORD documents can open Logos to that place.  Years ago, and I don't remember where, I ran across a feature that, when I hovered my mouse over a Scripture passage in WORD, for example, the Bible text would appear, so I knew what the Scripture was that was referenced.  

When I view a lexicon or commentary in Logos, I can hover the mouse over the Scripture reference and see the text.  But if I copy and paste that portion of the book to a word processor, I can no longer do that.  Well, this feature made it possible.  And it was a very simple application.  I just don't remember where I got it from or what happened to it.

Perhaps Logos could develop such a feature.

Thank you

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