Accountability in your studies

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Not at all! Knowing how you 'tick' is half the battle, I think. I employ a system in my study where I break down big tasks into lots of ridiculously easy targets. I do this because I know that I'll be able to knock off several of them quickly which motivates me to press on. For example, All of my logos reading plans for books are set so that I only have to read between 1-2 pages per day, even though I know I can get through 6-10 in a fairly average reading session, 30-40 on a really good day. However, regularly clicking that little 'read' link and seeing the date click up makes me feel like I am progressing well and keeps me motivated. It feels achievable and so I achieve it.

In this way, I intentionally play myself off against myself for my good and God's glory. As the old saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Thanks for sharing - that sounds like a great system!

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