Temp Files Used for Indexing?

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Deacon Steve | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Sep 30 2017 7:03 PM

I've had some issues recently running out of enough disk space to complete the indexing process.  I've moved files off the drive thinking that I had created enough space to complete the operation several times.  Still ending in failure to complete.  Now I'm wondering if there are some temp files building up that are not being cleaned up after the failed process.

Can anyone tell me if there are some temp files that I need to manually remove before I try it again?

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Oct 1 2017 5:41 AM

For Library indexing, need enough space for contents of LibraryIndex folder to be duplicated plus 1+ GB for transient files. My LibraryIndex is 19.0 GB, which needs ~21 GB free for indexing (about 10 % more than LibraryIndex folder).

For space management, like using a tool to show folder sizes. On Windows, JAM Software offers TreeSize Free. On mac OS, Finder has View option to calculate Folder Sizes. Look for folders using lots of space. Cache and Temp folders have contents that should be deletable. Logos and Verbum have WebCache folder with downloaded media for Mobile Education: e.g. 3.4 GB for LT271 videos. Recently relocated WebCache on a MacBook Air from internal SSD to an external USB to free up enough space for indexing. Logos Wiki => Install in different folder or drive

Work around for disk space shortage: when application and indexer are not running, can force complete rebuild Library Index by deleting LibraryIndex folder followed by opening application OR restarting computer (indexing default is automatic start after you login to computer). Ideally start indexing when will not be using computer for hours.

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Deacon Steve | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Oct 1 2017 11:32 AM

Thank you for the assist.  That was a big help.  I used the utility to identify the largest folders.  Turned out to be Verbum and iTunes (I love my music and podcasts!).  Was able to move files off and get enough space to complete the indexing.


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