The Latin Works of John Owen, in English

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David J. Sugg | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Nov 14 2017 12:14 PM

It is so sad to see this needed English translation of John Owen's Latin works lingering for nearly 5 years in prepublication. Perhaps if the title was reversed to "English Translations of John Owen's Latin Works" more would be interested. I think many see Latin as the second word and pass by since they do not know Latin. These works would be new English translations of Volume 17 if the Works of Owen.

Please take a look at these needed translations and enter a prepublication order.

Pedro has already linked to Carl Trueman's remarks about the need for an English translation of Owen's Theologoumena Pantodapa.

  • There is out there an English translation of Owen's Theologoumena Pantodapa, however this is what Carl R. Trueman thinks of it: Logos Publications have started a pre-publication offer to test interest in a new translation of John Owen's Latin works. The Theologoumena Pantodapa is already available in English from another publisher but the translation is so flawed as to be worthless. Let us hope Logos find a translator with a sound knowledge of Latin, a good grasp of medieval and Renaissance philosophical and theological vocabulary, and a solid understanding of seventeenth century Reformed Orthodoxy. That is a tall order but absolutely necessary if the task is to be carried out with competence. Posted On Thursday, December 13, 2012
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William Gabriel | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Nov 14 2017 12:38 PM

I have several pre-pubs that are languishing, and this is one of them. I wish that Pre-pub wasn't treated as a fixed-price community pricing scheme. If something might fail due to lack of interest, it's possible that price is the main reason. Throwing it up on CP would fix that issue, but instead a great work like this sits stuck.

Faithlife, please consider moving stuck pre-pubs to community pricing so that we can see if there are enough dollars to get something to production. When I think of the term Pre-pub, I tend to imagine that it will eventually get published. It might be good for you to start treating the pre-pub program as the set of works that will become live eventually, like a pre-released product, but you are actually working through finishing production and distribution. It's nice that we get a "discounted" price, though that's meaningless if it never hits our libraries.

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