Roger D. Isaacs - Talking With God: The Radioactive Ark of the Testimony

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Paul | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 16 2017 10:37 PM

Hi everyone

I'd like to suggest this book for Faithlife consideration for our Logos library. Its subject matter is intriguing - and who knows if it may shed (radioactive) light on the Ark itself?  Smile

 Roger D. Isaacs - Talking With God: The Radioactive Ark of the Testimony. Communication Through It. Protection From It.  (2010)   Publisher: Sacred Closet books, Chicago

ISBN-10: 1412549973;  ISBN-13: 978-1412549974

 Amazon description:

 From Moses to King David, the Israelites reported terrifying, even fatal encounters with the Ark of the Testimony (commonly Ark of the Covenant). They used common terms of the day, but as languages have evolved, their original descriptions have suffered misconstruing and, therefore, faulty translation. Roger Isaacs extensive research into 18 ancient languages reveals how the Bible says the Ark enabled direct communication with God.

Talking With God is an assembled jigsaw puzzle. Roger David Isaacs has taken words from many ancient languages and painstakingly matched them to their counterparts in the Hebrew of the Five Books of Moses. The result is a totally new approach to what the Hebrew words originally conveyed. In Isaacs' view, the words traditionally translated holy, sanctify, glory, sin, atone, plague, soul, testimony, cherubim, etc., have completely different meanings. When they are all assembled, the result is a startling picture that is directly related to the laws of radiation physics and chemistry as we understand them today. Isaacs' work is an exciting guide through the biblical world as it was meant to be understood ... a far cry from the standard, familiar interpretations.

[514 pages, 63 illustrations; Hardcover US$13.99]

 Author website:

Media article - November 1, 2017:

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