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Mandrews | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Sep 17 2009 8:41 PM

I have a complete set of books by John Butler, John Phillips, Herbert Lockyer and others in pdf format. Is there a way to convert them into a format compatible with Logos??? Thanks

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davidphillips | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Sep 18 2009 4:45 AM


If the works are public domain, they can be converted into Libronix files using the Personal Book Builder:

If the works are not public domain, then no, I do not believe it is legal to convert them to logos books, as it would be a violation of copyright restrictions. You may want to check this website and see if they are already in Libronix format:

There are lots of these public domain works available. They do not have the same functionality as a true libronix book, but are nevertheless a great way to get older works for free.

I see on his site that they have the following works by Butler:

  • Alliterated Sermon Outlines
  • John Butler's Aliterated Sermon Outlines
  • They do not appear to have the works of Phillips or Lockyer.

    I hope that helps!

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