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Amy Tracy | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jan 19 2018 8:09 PM

Hello - 

Looking for help with Greek Tools Seminary class. The school uses BibleWorks. I need help translating assignments from BibleWorks to Logos. New to Logos. Don't want to buy BibleWorks, too. Willing to pay!


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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jan 19 2018 9:21 PM

Welcome Big Smile

One idea is posting a Greek assignment in forum => Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with the question how can this assignment be done using Logos ? After discussion, could post next Greek assignment: if related to previous one, then could be in that thread. When different, suggest starting a new thread, which allows each thread to focus on one topic.

For searching previous forum discussions, Logos wiki has => Searching the forum using Google Suspect a number of assignments have been previously discussed.

My favorite feature in Logos and Verbum is visual filter highlighting so can "see" range of Greek verbal expression in a passage (by combining lots of search results for simultaneous display). Logos wiki has => 

Thankful for Logos Greek Morphology visual filters created using Logos 4 being usable in Logos 7 and Verbum 7.

Thankful for Faithlife enabling the free sharing of documents so Logos Greek Morphology filters can be copied and used. Caveat: having many visual filters has opportunity for sluggish opening of a resource (since Logos automatically checks if a visual filter search has results in that resource).

Thankful for many friendly forum discussions: have learned a lot plus have a lot to learn.

Keep Smiling Smile

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Liam & Abi Maguire | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jan 20 2018 12:02 AM

The morphology visual filter is amazingly helpful. I recently updated mine to include basic tenses, plural/singular, active/passive, and person. I'll post a share link later. 

Check out my blog 'For Fathers'

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jan 20 2018 6:47 AM

Thankful for free Basic and Verbum Basic plus free Logos resources => so can "see" Greek expression in English and Greek:

Screen shot shows many visual filters enabled (along with Highlighting Palettes with style names that reflect Greek grammar terminology)

The enabled visual filters are available to followers or members of Faithlife group => using documents => (click on Actions for pop-up to freely copy)

FYI: copying visual filter(s) also causes associated highlighting palette to be copied.

Keep Smiling Smile

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