Reina Valera Actualizada 2015 - ¡Please add it to Logos! (Por favor, ¡añádala a Logos!)

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Matthew Van Dyken | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, May 12 2018 6:29 PM

Hello, I would love to see the Reina Valera Actualizada 2015 in Logos.  The RVA is there, but not the RVA-2015.  My guess is this will be the ESV of the Spanish world.  It is very similar to the ESV in many respects, in fact, I think they basically just copied the ESV in Spanish.  I have spent lots of time looking at Latin American versions (NVI, NBLH, RVC, RVA, RV60, RVG, etc.) and I think the RVA-2015 is simply the best in the Latin American context (Mexico). 

Here's a vote for the pre-pub!

Thanks and God's blessings!

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Bernardo | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, May 12 2018 8:38 PM

I was literally thinking the same thing right now as I am beginning to prepare a study for tomorrow. I was just using the CSB which is great due to readability and translation. Spanish translations in Logos are either antiquated in language or completely modern in translation to the point where they are not the best resource for studying.

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Matthew Van Dyken | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, May 12 2018 9:37 PM

That's a great summary of the differences in translation, and one of the reasons I like the ESV (and the RVA-2015) so much. 

Thanks for the suggestion of the CSB (in English).  I like the Holman's, so I'll have to take a look at the Christian Standard Bible.  From what I gather, it's the same translation philosophy as the ESV.  I'm curious about the manuscript tradition, as that is the one thing about the ESV I don't like - a little too critical. 

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Matthew Van Dyken | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jul 20 2018 11:30 AM

Any updates on this from the LOGOS people?  Is there any plan in place to do RVA-2015?

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Es exactamente lo que yo quería decirle a Logos

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Eduardo Fergusson | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 16 2019 3:18 PM

Habría que publicar esta sugerencia en el foro en español 

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Matthew Van Dyken | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, May 20 2019 8:39 AM

Traduciendo mi sugerencia original al español:

Hola, me gustaría ver a la Reina Valera Actualizada 2015 en Logos.  Hay la RVA, pero no la RVA-2015.  Me parece que será la ESV (English Standard Version) del mundo hispano.  Es muy similar a la ESV en muchos respetos; de hecho, creo que básicamente copiaron la ESV al español.  Es una pregunta en la cual he invertido mucho tiempo, comparando las versiones latinoamericanas (NVI, NBLH, RVC, RVA, RV60, RVG, etcétera), y pienso que la RVA-2015 es simplemente la mejor en el contexto latinoamericano (México).  

¡Aquí hay un voto para la pre-publicación!

¡Gracias y que Dios les bendiga!

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Matthew Van Dyken | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, May 13 2020 9:45 AM

¿Nada todavía?  ¿No lo van a hacer?

Me sorprende mucho, porque RVA-2015 es una muy buena traducción.


Nothing yet?  You're not going to do it?

It surprises me a lot, because RVA-2015 is a great translation.

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