Bequeathing a Logos library

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Dan | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jun 9 2018 8:12 AM

I have a substantial amount of books in my Logos library, and just as I would bequeath all of my tangible property to my family upon death, I would also like to do so with my digital library, as it is an asset that would benefit them. 

  1. Is this possible?
  2. Do I have a legal right to do so, or do I only have a license for the books and software that becomes null and void upon my death? Or do I have a license to the software yet retain the right to bequeath my library works to someone upon their agreement to and acquisition of the software license?
  3. Is this entirely handled in a will (US law), and if so, will Logos transfer the library to the named beneficiary based on a will? Alternatively, does Logos have a way to designate a beneficiar for an account/library?
  4. Has anyone else ever done this?
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Graham Criddle | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jun 9 2018 8:43 AM

Hi Dan

There are a number of discussions on this - hopefully will point you in the right direction 

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jun 9 2018 11:28 AM

Graham Criddle:
hopefully will point you in the right direction

Thankful thread => What happens to my Logos account when I die? includes Faithlife reply:

Brandyn Whittington:
This isn't too uncommon of a question, and is something that we handle over the phone. You can establish what you'd like to be done with your account after passing by contacting our Customer Service team at 1-800-875-6467, between 6 AM - 6 PM PST, Monday through Saturday.

Thankful for email with Customer Service team Big Smile plus a missionary planting a church with someone who benefited from a library transfer after my friend's human tent departure Geeked

Keep Smiling Smile

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