I think I found a solution to the Book mark dilema...!

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Al Sosa | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 1 2018 9:04 PM

Several days ago I asked about the bookmark issue. Some in the forum spoke of the Favorites, Bookmarks functions. Only nine are available.

After some thinking, I believe I found a work around to the issue of book marks. It seems to work great. 
It goes like this:
For every book I am reading, I start a Clipping document. Then I highlight one word in the place where I am completing my reading. Then I do a right click, and "add a clipping to Book marks" (this is the name of my clipping). This seems to store a pointer in the clipping document of the place in the book where I left off.

When I want to go back to the book, I open the clipping document and click on the link created and it takes me to the place where I left off. The work is in the initial creation of the clipping document. But later it is only one click... Wonderful...

For example, I am reading a book called: "Becoming Divine: An Introduction to Deification in Western Culture". The clipping document, I named: "BOOK MARKS for Becoming Divine...". So, every time I want to read this book, I just open the clipping document under the name of the book. Works every time. And I can have more than nine book marks! And... only one click! Imagine that! Not perfect, but it works for me.

However, this does not release Logos from creating some book mark capability in the future... :-) 

If anyone can see any enhancements to this, please share...

Thank you.


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David Betts | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Nov 2 2018 4:37 AM

In L7 I had notes "1BkMk" and "2BkMk."

This assured notes would be to the top of the list.

1 was for active reading; 2 was for intended reading.

To place bookmark, I right clicked to add to appropriate note.

HOWEVER, things have changed, and I have to admit I am fumbling my way through an entirely new Notes paradigm in which, for now, I am totally lost.

Does anyone know how to find "added resources," that used to be on Home Page?

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GaoLu | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Nov 2 2018 4:53 AM

David Betts:
Does anyone know how to find "added resources," that used to be on Home Page?

Yep.  Go to your Library and at the bottom of the left-hand Filter column look for Facets labeled: Last Updated or Added. 

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SineNomine | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Nov 2 2018 5:21 PM

Al Sosa:
Not perfect, but it works for me.

That's a creative approach! I might just start using it.

Please use descriptive thread titles to attract helpful posts & save others time. Thanks!

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