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Faithlife Announcements | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Nov 19 2018 4:48 PM

The Android team is pleased to announce the Android Suite Beta release of the Faithlife apps.

ARM device version code: 800077261
x86 device version code: 800077262

If you are already signed up for the beta via Google Play you will automatically receive the beta update over the next few hours.

If you are a new beta user or haven't previously tried one of our beta apps before, we have switched to Google's Open Beta test model so you don't need to sign up - just use the opt-in links shown below.

If you find a bug please see for instructions on how to report it.

Versions in this release

Bible! 8.0.7 (Build 0726) - [Bible! Beta opt-in page]
Faithlife Study Bible 8.0.7 (Build 0726) - [FSB Beta opt-in page]
Biblia! 8.0.7 (Build 0726) - [Biblia! Beta opt-in page]
Noet 8.0.7 (Build 0726) - [Noet Beta opt-in page]
Verbum 8.0.7 (Build 0726) - [Verbum Beta opt-in page]
Faithlife Ebooks 8.0.7 (Build 0726) - [Faithlife Ebooks Beta opt-in page]


- Auto update local resources (wifi only)
- Show update options dialog for outdated local resources (non-wifi)
- Expand link sets to include user series


- Notebook search with 100 or more notebooks
- Edit Notes context menu item (with multiple overlaid notes)
- Disable pull to refresh when editing notes
- Selection controls appear when typing text into a note
- Share Verse of the Day card
- Show Custom Highlight styles names with markup

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