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Thomas Myers | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 29 2018 6:52 PM

I am extremely disappointed with the Skip Heitzig Sermon Archive.  There is a huge section listed as sermons called "Destination."  They can't possible be listed as sermons when the supposed sermon is just barley over a page long.  Maybe they should be listed as sermonettes for Chaistianettes.  And of course as it has been mentioned already as an issue there are no outlines. This very poor quality of work is not what I would have expected from Logos. I discovered this problem as I was working on Psalm 19:9 in Passage Guide which listed Psalm 19 as a sermon.   I have been a long term user of Logos since 1995 and I have never been so disappointed.  I just wondering what can be done to correct this low standard of work?  I certainly have no issues with Skip Heitzig, He is a highly gifted communicator of God's word. 

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Kyle G. Anderson | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Nov 30 2018 12:08 PM


I'm sorry you're disappointed with the resource but I don't know if I fully understand your complaints.

Am I understanding you correctly?

  1. The Destination section (I believe the sermon series is called "The Bible from 30K") has sermons that are too short: These were all provided to us by Skip Heitzig. We have no control over their length. But on that point, I'm not finding any that could be classified as short. Did you have one in mind?
  2. No outlines: I've made a note that these are well received by Logos users but this wasn't something that was provided to us and its certainly not something we'd be able to create on our own.
  3. Psalm 19:9 in the Passage Guide: I believe you're referring to the fact that the Passage Guide redirects you to a sermon on Psalms 1–72. This is purposeful to how ranges work in Bibles and Commentaries and the Passage Guide. If it one runs a passage guide on a single verse, it will get hits for ranges it intersects. This is why running the Passage Guide on Psalm 19:9 also gets you a hit for Skip Heitzig's sermon on Psalm 19 in The Biography of God.
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