DATA BUG: Biblical Event: None of the text and all Faithlife

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Dec 16 2018 12:30 AM

Where is Denise? I need her "the text, the whole text and nothing but the text" because FL really stretched the invent text in tagging tolerance in me.

Note the text shown is the only text quoted for the Event. Do you see any indication of number of years? Do you see anything that tells you anything about those years other than:

  • were (initially) spent in Nazareth but then ....
  • was submissive to his parents
  • increased in wisdom and stature
  • increased in favor with God and man

Talk about tagging with tradition rather than text ....

No, I am not angry only sad to be adding yet another example to my "don't trust FL results" list ...

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 16 2018 4:11 AM

30 years or "30 silent years", 18 years or "18 long years", or "boyhood years".


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Sean Boisen | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Dec 26 2018 3:15 PM

MJ, I agree the label for this event is overly interpretive: we'll improve it.

(For others who may wonder: Jesus went up to Jerusalem when he was twelve (Luke 2:42) and was about 30 years old when he started his ministry (Luke 3:23), leaving about an 18-year gap in the canonical record.)

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