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Faithlife Announcements | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jan 17 2019 5:49 PM

The Android team is pleased to announce the Android Suite Beta release of the Faithlife apps.

If you are already signed up for the beta via Google Play you will automatically receive the beta update over the next few hours.

If you are a new beta user or haven't previously tried one of our beta apps before, we have switched to Google's Open Beta test model so you don't need to sign up - just use the opt-in links shown below.

If you find a bug please see for instructions on how to report it.

Versions in this release

Bible! 8.1.0 (Build 0029) - [Bible! Beta opt-in page]
Faithlife Study Bible 8.1.0 (Build 0029) - [FSB Beta opt-in page]
Biblia! 8.1.0 (Build 0029) - [Biblia! Beta opt-in page]
Verbum 8.1.0 (Build 0029) - [Verbum Beta opt-in page]
Faithlife Ebooks 8.1.0 (Build 0029) - [Faithlife Ebooks Beta opt-in page]


  • Remember previously used search options
  • Multiple words in offline search are now AND’d
  • Changing an offline search now cancels the previous search
  • Prevent many user collections slowing search initialization
  • User collections in the Search filter are now sorted
  • Show all user collections in Basic Search
  • Update Search filter list if user collections change
  • Fixed layout issues in the Search Passages screen
  • Improved Low Light mode


  • Search history is now retained across restarts
  • On the Text Comparison screen the verse picker is now on the left
  • Resource line height changes take effect without an app restart
  • Media Resources and Topics sections in the Passage Guide are fixed
  • Only show user collections containing Bible resources when performing Bible searches
  • Remove duplicated toolbar in Community Notes
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