On the bigger issue of dynamic pricing between Chinese and English base packages

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Kolen Cheung | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Feb 24 2019 6:56 PM

There’s another thread already covering Traditional vs. Simplified Chinese versions.

Another related issues is 2 translations of the same thing. i.e. Tyndale commentary. And this is a big issue:

  • Some people don’t want to own both. (To me I certainly don’t. Why would anyone having the original Tyndale Commentary would bother to use the Chinese version? There’s always some of these people, but I guess not the majority.)
  • Even when one want to own both, some sort of dynamic pricing between them still make sense. (Because it is not 2 independent effort, but one built on top of another.) I guess getting the deal form publishers are tough. But in principle it seems this should be the goal when bargaining with publishers.

I think Chinese as a race of people are extra sensitive to getting to pay twice/thrice for essentially the same thing. e.g. for me to go through the Starter/Bronze I’d want to own them just to access some other Chinese Bible translation I might not own yet and some of Watchman Nee’s work, but just looking at the sheer volumes of duplicated stuffs I “already owned”, such as Tyndale Commentary in English, Matthew Henry, Chinese Reverse Interlinear in Traditional Chinese, etc., I just don’t want to buy it at all. Even though my dynamic pricing is like ~$100 but the stuffs I want only worth like ~$30. I guess if options are provided such that I don’t have to buy the resources I already owned (i.e. Simplified Chinese, translation from the English volumes I already have), the dynamic pricing would be much more attractive for it to make sense (I guessimate it would be like ~$20 from what I’ve seen in packages I own mostly, e.g. Baptism Starter/Bronze.)

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