Bibliotheca Sacra Volume 165, Jan-Mar., 2008 - Great article on Clouds

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Susan W. Murphy | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 20 2019 6:59 AM

Dear Mr. Neely,

Thanks for the ebook website.  I'll be ordering some of those books.


Susan Murphy

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Hamilton Ramos | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 24 2019 6:02 PM

Hi Susan:

I read the article on counsel for Fathers, it was long. 

Many interesting points. 

Given your interest on particular reference to relevant content, I thought of a workflow that maybe may help you:

Start a collection and name it "Journals and Magazines" or something similar.

In the rule box type: Type:(Journal,Magazine)

From the list of topics above, pick a topic, theme or concept you are interested.

Search in the collection to find articles related to the topic.

Select the ones that you like and make links to the resource.

Paste the link in a word document. Eventually when you have many links, you can make a personal book out of it, so that you can have easy access to the contents whenever you need the info.

If you get ambitious, you can start a thread in which persons share their found links in a word document so that one can copy and paste to have a master list and turn it into a personal book per topic.

Just an idea.

Peace and grace.

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