Bug: Bible Outline Browser Camparison Contrast Issue

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PJ | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Apr 2 2019 11:02 PM

This could be due to the monitor restrictions or a bug. There is no observable contrast for some of the last items listed in the Bible Outline Browser's Comparison View. 

If anyone can see colored divisions for the outlines of "Romans (AYBC)", "TC" or "WEONT" in this screenshot, then it's a contrast issue on my side. If not, it could be a bug, if not a bug, then your monitor also ran out of ink. Confused

What are the instructions for replacing a monitor cartridge? Huh?

I'll just use the Read View as workaround for now.

This screenshot issue relates to Romans specific. WEONT does have an outline in Read View, but not in Comparison View, and the Tooltips in Comparison View show that there is something in WEONT but not visually distinguishable.


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