Curious about the Future of the Web App

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Samuel | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Apr 16 2019 6:03 AM

Do I understand the faq correctly that the intention is to bring as much functionality as possible from the desktop app to the web app? I hadn't tried the web app in a long time but it seems like it's coming along. There are a few features that would really help my mobile work flow:

Full search ability--seems like some complex searches work but others don't. 

Ability to export search results (in my case I export a lot to csv for analysis)

There are other little things like the missing guides which I'd love to see. for example I use the commentary guide all the time on the desktop rather than the passage guide because I usually just want to quickly load from my commentaries.

I haven't followed Logos Now much in the last year--are there additional features in the web app for the Logos Now subscription or is that just access to new features in Logos in general?

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David Schwegler (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Apr 22 2019 10:38 AM

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for your feedback!

We definitely want to bring as much as we can from the desktop, but it's a balancing act -- the desktop has many small features that greatly help people, but we had many years to build them all and many more users than what the web app has yet. :) That said...

  • If you know the search syntax, much of the search functionality will work on the site, but you're right that it's not 100%. We don't have immediate plans for expanding search support. If you have a specific example I'd love to hear it.
  • Expanded guides support is something that we feel is important too.
  • Logos Now doesn't have any effect on the functionality of the site right now.

Hope that helps!

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