Difference between Notes and Highlights in the Note tools (Logos 8)

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Pavel Dimitrov | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Apr 18 2019 10:13 AM


What is the difference between creating a note and highlighting in the notes tool? What are the use cases for preferring one functionality over the other? 

It seems the two functionalities are basically the same, the only difference being the type of note. For example, one can create a note and adjust the highlighting style or one can highlight a portion of a text in a ressource and then write a note?

Thank you in advance for your response


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Kevin | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Apr 18 2019 11:03 AM

I don't see that underneath the hood there are any differences, other than the applied unchangeable 'type', which can be filtered on, which maybe useful to some, and more an annoyance to others.

I use highlights with just a highlight background, for anything in the text I wish to bring to attention in whatever form, and notes with just a note icon for any additional information I would like available behind the text but visible on mouse over. I try to not use a highlight pen on a note, or a note icon on a hightlight, but it is just my OCD does that does not like to.......but you can, it is not unadvisable that I see.

It would perhaps be useful, or perhaps even more confusing, if the 'Type' was changeable. For me it might be better if possibly the 'type' field did not even exist, then I would not have to sort them into the correct types at all.

Hopefully a few others can bring some insight to how they use the types. I would not be surprised if I am 'doing it wrong'.

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