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Josiah | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Apr 28 2019 9:56 AM

I just grabbed Orthodox Diamond for the Ancient Christian Writers Bundle.  I already have the Paulist Classics, the Catholic University of America sets, and the St. Vladimir's sets, but there are some works here not in the others and I also wanted other translations.  I especially can't stand the ANF/NPNCF translations, so wanted something a little more current, even if most of these are still 50+ years old.  (My Greek is fine, but I haven't had Latin since 4 years in High School, and even if it were great, I view translation as interpretation, sort of first commentary, and enjoy seeing what people come up with).

So...then I noticed the tagging on these.  They are tagged only by works, not verse/chapter, so completely useless in conjunction with the Ancient Literature section or Parallel Resources.

Is there any plan to retag these, or is time to call Customer Service and return the package?

Edit: link

Edit: possibly some of these are tagged better than others.  Tert., De exh. cast. is properly versified, even though Tert., De paen. and Tertullian, On Modesty are not

Posts 144
Josiah | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Apr 28 2019 2:11 PM

Sorry, I should have explored more fully before posting.  It seems the tagging is uneven, but, properly tagged resources are present.  I am sorry for my exaggeration in the initial post above.  I love the Ancient Literature section and I am glad to see that more and more resources are being properly tagged with time.  I realize this service isn't monetized for Faithlife, but they do still go back and re-tag old resources from time to time and for that I am incredibly grateful.  I still need to explore more fully, but I believe there are enough resources properly tagged here to justify the purchase and I likely won't return it after all.  Sorry all for the drama.

(That said, I still would like fixing Parallel Passages and versifying various ancient texts to be a priority.  It is one SIGNIFICANT advantage Logos has over alternatives and keeps me spending lots of money here)

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