How do I search on a Strong's Greek number in the Lexham English Bible in the Logos mobile app

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Jon Dart | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, May 16 2019 7:35 AM

In the mobile app, is there any automatic way to search the Lexham English Bible on Strong's numbers, other than manually using the <GreekStrong's G????> syntax (which does work, but is too technical for my poor wife, who just started using it)? In the desktop app I just right click on a word, choose the Strong's number and the Search This Resource option, and I get a list of verses containing the Greek word. In the mobile app, when I long-press a word and choose Info, I see the Strong's number, but I can't choose it to search on it. I can go to the Bible Word Study panel, but it only gives examples of verses, not a complete list. How would I do this in the mobile app? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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