Suggestion (Canvas): Add Paper Size of Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) Presentation size or Expand the Logos API

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PJ | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, May 17 2019 7:14 AM

Presentation View

I visualize a future were Logos Bible Software is the only software I need.

Add two new Paper sizes corresponding to Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) sizes.

When one of these paper sizes are selected the Reading View switch to a fullscreen presentation.

Combine this with the suggestion to toggle layers on and off with a link and Logos Bible Software's Canvas become a complete new powerhouse of its own.

Another way to look at it:

  • Just maximize pages by height or width in Reading View by adding a default option for Zoom to Fit Height or Width on Screen.
  • Add a Presentation View on the Panel Menu
  • Get rid of the Tabs at the bottom in Presentation View

I know about proclaim, but we can't afford it. Just thought it would help to think out of the box and increase usability on what we already budget for with each upgrade.

The above can be accomplished by creating a custom Paper Size, but then it won't work the same on different screen sizes if shared. You need to create a custom size for each screen you present it on.

Logos API

On the other hand, if the LogosApi is expanded so that we as users can add or tweak these minor UI additions ourselves, it would double value. I think it's time to talk about the API now that Logos 8 is breathing comfortably?

I'm shure I will be able to figure out a solution for own use to accomplish the above with UIAutomation in .NET

The problem is that as fulltime servants we don't always have time to develop these ideas ourselves. I'm shure the Logos community have a lot of capable users with brilliant ideas we can implement ourselves.

I have several scripts in several languages. The latest one added four Notebooks for each book of the bible by automating the UI. If this was using the API it would be faster to develop and faster to execute and faster to experiment with options and solutions for my strange and weird look at software.

Maybe I'm alone in this universe of thoughts, ... hope not ...

Hope you can also visualize this future...

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