Great Example for Improved Mobile Bible Study

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Andrew Biddinger | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, May 21 2019 1:28 PM

This isn't a promotion of another app, but I thought it is a good example to use to help improve the Logos app. The app is called "Literal Word."

A friend of mine recently pointed out this app to me that did a good job at providing simple tools for fast and simple Bible study. What I liked about it and hope that we could see these implemented into the Logos mobile app:

  • The app is fast
  • Two States that you can toggle back in forth between:
    • Select Verses
    • Select Words
  • Simple Select and Copy (with references) of Multiple Bible Verses
  • Single Click Work Lookup (Like the Info tool in Logos Desktop) but is just a lexicon
  • The search is VERY fast, starts as you are typing, and is quickly accessible from anywhere



Obviously, this kind of app doesn't have all the possibilities as Logos does. But, I thought it was a good example of how an app experience of doing Bible reading and study should be. Below is my made up example of how I envision this kind of fast "word study" in the Logos mobile app. It's just an idea of improving the mobile original word study ui with a "One Click Word Study Panel" or a one click "Information" pane like in the desktop app.

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