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kenstevens | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jun 1 2019 5:11 AM

The ESV translation seems to be the only translation that has a human voice when reading to you. My preferred translation is the NKJV. Is their any way to get that to have a human voice when reading rather than a computer voice,

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David Taylor Jr | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jun 1 2019 6:00 AM

The ESV voice is an actual audiobook that you can purchase in CD form as well at your local bookstore or on Amazon. They would need to contract with the same type of work for NKJV or create their own. Licensing would be the main issue.

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Robert M. Warren | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Jun 1 2019 8:39 AM

Hi Ken:

Welcome to the Logos user forums.

To add to what David provided, the NT of the Lexham English Bible is also available (free), as are a few KJV books (individually @ $5 per).

Until your NKJV becomes available (if it does), you might consider purchasing a higher-quality computer voice. The general consensus I have gathered on the forums here, and corroborated by my experience, is that Ivona Voices tend to be the better choice, at least for Windows users (I'm sure they work on Macs, as well). I have also read that Voice Dream works well on Macs. I have the Brian (British) and Joey (US) voices, and my wife uses Enrique (Castilian). I think Brian is the better English voice (fewer robot-y artifacts). The voices are generally available for 40-45 USD.

This Google search on the forums also provides a number of threads about Read Aloud voices and Logos.

This Dropbox link has Brian reading a chapter of Spurgeon's autobiography: 

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