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PetahChristian | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jun 26 2019 12:09 PM

I like the new store a lot, and I really like Mobile Ed.

Apart from finding new courses (which works well), my biggest Mobile Ed "need" is to shop for sales on resources used by courses I own.

  • Within Logos, we can find a list of resources (along with useful usage counts), but that can't show us what's on sale.
  • At the store, the wish list is one option for tracking sales, but you can't easily see specific resources related to a particular course.

The courses are great. But we shouldn't overlook that much of the education comes from reading the resources.

What if there was a one-stop shopping experience, where we could see a list of course resources, along with their current prices?

One option might be to tag resources with their Mobile Ed course number, so a search such as "OT302" would not only turn up the course, but the resources in the search results.

Another option would be adding more discounted bundles (of courses with often-used resources), so we could get a course along with some resources at a better price.

As customers, we tend to prefer not to pay regular price for a resource. At present, the current approach is hit-or-miss. A course might be on sale, but its recommended resources aren't. The resources sit on our wish list, and if we don't diligently check it, we might miss a resource having gone on sale.

Let's not just sell courses. Let's also sell the books that the courses use.

Thanks for any creative solutions you can implement to help our Mobile Ed shopping experience at the new store!

Thanks to FL for including Carta and a Hebrew audio bible in Logos 9!

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