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Randy W. Sims | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Jul 8 2019 6:56 AM

Maybe this has been suggested before? or some existing solution?

I would love a better way to take notes when listening to a sermon. The reverse side of the sermon editor.

Mobile First, but desktop/laptop also. Mobile/laptop for initially taking notes (Active Listening!) and organizing/retrieval. Desktop+ for advanced study tools for follow up study after the sermon or developing the material for other uses.

I want to create a document with meta about the sermon (or classroom lecture!) like sermon editor.

Offline during church service, study group, classroom.

For main text and refs, I want to be able to quickly add them with a verse picker and importantly, navigate back and forth between them during the sermon to follow along. Very important!

Similarly (but maybe not online?) should be able to add topics. They should at least be available to launch directly to a topic study when reopened later on desktop.

Ditto for adding important words/lemmas.

User tags for organizing.

A place to add the notes / three points.

Our pastor ends the sermon by singing a verse or two from a hymn that ties in to the message. Maybe that just goes in notes, but a specific field could have interesting uses later.

The meta should be useful both for organizing for later retrieval and for following up on desktop for further study, tying in to guides, workflows, etc.

A plus would be sending a TODO or notification to the desktop to remind my to follow up because sometimes after service, a meal at Cracker Barrel, watching a race, I've forgotten what got me all excited/riled-up earlier Embarrassed. - New sermon notes taken: Click here to open.

Maybe a tool to export thoughts + meta to Facebook or a blog? Convert to a Sermon Editor document.

Work with or without Proclaim.

I did take a look in the app store for similar. A few are ok and allow interesting meta for organizing like mentioned above, but of course no tie ins to using tools in Logos. One had an interesting feature I did not think about: recording the sermon and pinning notes to specific locations in the recording for later retrieval. I kinda like that idea. Don't know how much I would use it but definitely interesting.


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