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Mike Aubrey | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jun 11 2010 9:09 AM

Currently, the results are somewhat limited because I've only added a few journals thus far. But as more are added, the strengths of the semantic wiki will become more and more clear.

To all the journals and magazines, I've added the property "frequency." So now for Tyndale Bulletin, for example, we now have the following line on their page:


Eventually, as more and more journals and magazines are added, we'll be able to quickly see the publication frequency. The search:


will give:


Bible Study Magazine

Biblical Archaeology Review

and the search: 


will give: 

Bibliotheca Sacra
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 

Over time as more journals and magazines are added (I'm planning on adding all the journals available in Logos over the next month or so -- and I would welcome help!), this sort of markup becomes more and more powerful.

Here are some of the other properties I'll be adding to journals  and would welcome help on:

Peer-review: Yes/No

Book Reviews: Yes/No

Something that parallels the property "area of interest" for professors & scholars, though I'm not sure what I'll call it yet. I haven't decided whether it would be helpful or not to make it identical to the one for people or not. If I did, when someone searched for:


both scholars and journal titles would come up.

These will help people quickly find information about what journals would be good for publishing in particular fields, whether an article a person submits will be reviewed or not, and probably most relevant for Logos users, whether a given journal includes book reviews.


Any suggestions or ideas for other properties that could be productive and make the Almanac a helpful resource?

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