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Dennis Toll | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jul 19 2019 4:43 PM

I've noticed the Web app is acting a little more buggy lately. Here is the latest example. When I right-click a word in ESV, sometimes the full pop-up window will not display. If the word has many entries, the pop-up box will run off the screen and I can't see all the entries. So I have to close that window, scroll up or down to get the word in question far from the edge of the screen, and right click again so the whole window will be displayed.

That by itself wouldn't be too bad, just midly annoying. But sometimes the links from the pop-up don't work correctly. For example, when I select the word "people" in the OT in the ESV, then select the "manuscript" form (עַמְּ), in the left column I get the possibility to see the entry in the Lexham Analytical Lexicon (LLS:LXHEBANLEX). (Note: the "manuscript" form of the word is the only form in the right-hand column that gives me the possibility to select this resource, not sure why). But when I click on that resource, it takes me to the preposition "with" (עִם), not to the noun "people." 

There have been other issues lately. For example, in the SESB Hebrew Bible (bhssesb), there are times when I right-click a word, it selects an entirely different word, three or four lines above where I click. I have to close out the Web App, reopen it, and reload the resources. That fixes the problem. This issue is not consistent, but does happen randomly. It seems the cursor is disconnected from the Hebrew text display.


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