Suggestion: Atlas tool needs real travel distance calculations

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Bruce C | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Jul 31 2019 4:35 AM

Currently the Atlas tool allows the user to measure the distance between two points. The problem is that the distance is measured in a straight line, "as the crow flies". This isn't very helpful considering people normally travelled overland on foot or possibly by horse/mule.  For example,with the CNTRL+Drag option in Logos maps, the straight-line distance between Athens and Corinth is about 46 miles. However, if you open Google maps and choose the walking option with no ferry, the distance between Athens and Corinth is about 60 miles or 20 hours of walking when measured overland. Wouldn't it be better for Faithlife to have these types of measurements already built-in rather than having to open Google maps, find the current names of places that correspond to the ancient names, and making lots of other little adjustments?

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