Feature Requests: Power Lookup; Commentary Thumbnails; Prioritization

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Fr. Patrick S. Cheng | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Aug 11 2019 8:17 PM

I've been pleasantly surprised with the Logos 8 Web App, both in terms of speed and convenience.  As a frequent user of the app, I wondered if the developers might consider adding three features.

First, would it be possible to add the power lookup feature, which is part of the right-click menu for lemmas on the desktop version?  It would be great to have previews and links to the various lexicons all in one place, as opposed to selecting each lexicon separately at the bottom of the right-click menu.

Second, would it be possible to add a thumbnail of a commentary cover when the cursor hovers over it in the passage guide (and not just a preview of the text)?  This is a helpful feature on the desktop version.  For example, it's useful to see the thumbnail for a particular commentary when there are many commentaries with the same name on a given list (e.g., "Luke").

Third, would it be possible to allow us to change the prioritzation of our resources without having to go back into the desktop app and click on the library, etc.?  This would save a lot of time in terms of switching back and forth between the apps.

Thanks in advance for considering these requests.  I'm grateful for all the work that you are putting into the web app.


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Myke Harbuck | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Aug 12 2019 6:25 AM

Im hoping we'll see these and many more features added to the web app. Personally, Im waiting anxiously for full highlighting capabilities.

It does seem like, however, that the development of the web app has stalled since the beginning of the year. Hopefully it will be picked back up again.

Myke Harbuck
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Liam & Abi Maguire | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 17 2019 10:49 AM

Myke Harbuck:
Personally, Im waiting anxiously for full highlighting capabilities.

Oh my, this! It saddens me having to boot up the main windows app when all I want to do is read and highlight a single book. Dreaming that this will happen soon. 

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@Patrick, thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it.

@Myke, we hope to resume more active development before too long (but it's probably going to be a while before you see big changes)

@Liam, what aspect of reading and highlighting a book is currently insufficient for you on the web app?

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