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Paul Bradley | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Aug 30 2019 4:35 AM

Hi Everyone,

Ive had Logos for about ten years now and have a library of about 5000 resources. Im pretty happy in terms of Commentaries in my library, therefore I dont need any more.  I studied a Bachelor of Theology with youth ministry alongside from 2012 - 2016, however im returning to seminary as a Presbyterian ministry student next week to study Master of Divinity and Diploma in ministry. Im just wondering if you guys could recommend and reformed resources that wont break the bank (Poor Student),  that would come in handy for my research/essays for my Mdiv and DipMin?

I have purchased

Libronix Scholars Library 

Logos 4 - scholars Library silver sg

Logos 5 Silver

Logos 6 Silver

Logos 7 Bronze

Logos 8 Full feature upgrade, Reformed starter library, Academic essentials library

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Michael S. | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Aug 30 2019 4:46 AM

Any of the Reformed packages, any Puritan works would be welcomed in your studies.  Also, I would suggest looking at the Academic packages, and also the Journals.

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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Aug 30 2019 7:06 AM

Hi Paul

You have already a fair number of resources and I would urge caution in topping them up.

Of course you should examine the reading list for your course and identify any essentials that you will need to buy. If any of these can be found in a 'package' then a package purchase is likely to be the best value.

When you come across a resource that you need then also check if it is included in a package and then look and see if there is anything in there that you are likely to need in the future.

If you need a resource, buy it (that is the definition of need).

If you are going to need a resource keep an eye out for sales and offers but buy it 'when you need it'. Fortunately Logo's delivery system won't keep you waiting for more than a few seconds and they deliver 24/7.

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Phil Tuften | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Aug 30 2019 2:51 PM


If you are doing a M Div you will do a far bit of original language work, look at getting a good Lexicon for your studies.  Most seminaries use BDAG, for NT.  Check with your seminary for Recomendations though.

Hope this helps.

Leaving you in God's Care and Grace

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David Thomas | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 31 2019 1:28 PM

Paul Bradley:
Any advice would be appreciated.

Add the top 5 commentaries on each book from this list ( to your wishlist and when Academic Pricing or Publisher sales come along, add the reduced items.

You may also be interested in the top commentaries collection from Tim Challies at 

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