Bug: Notes Tool text Background and Foreground Color buttons don't remember selected color (8.8 Beta 3 WIN

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Tim Hensler | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Sep 15 2019 5:03 PM


  • Open or create a note with text
  • Highlight a portion of the text
  • Click on the Background Color button and then select a color in the pop-up palette
    • A line under the Background Color button appears, apparently showing that the button will retain that color.
  • Click off the color palette in the note to close the pop-up palette.
    • The text remains highlighted with that color, but the line under the Background Color button disappears and the button does not remember the selected color - each time you use the button, you have to select a color.

The same thing happens if you select the color first so you can then highlight a portion of text with that color - after selecting the color for the button, it deselects the color when you click/hold/swipe the text you want highlighted with that color.

It doesn't matter if you select the color by clicking on the button or the down-arrow next to the button.

The same problem occurs with the Foreground color button, except the button image changes color instead of a line appearing under the button.

If I click on a text where the background or foreground color has been changed, the corresponding button does indicate the color applied to that text.

I expected the buttons to remember the color I selected (and is indicated by the color line under the button) so that I could quickly highlight other portions of text with the same color (Foreground and Background, separately or together).

By the way, clicking off the palette to close the pop-up seems to be an extra step (Yes, we users are extra-click sensitive).  Why not close the palette when the color is selected?  The button should show the color you selected and if it is wrong because you selected the wrong color, just click on the button (or arrow) and re-select the correct color.  This will require many less clicks than having to click off the palette every time you select a color.

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Philana R. Crouch | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Sep 16 2019 11:24 AM


Based up on your description it is behaving as designed, you can select the color options first and start typing. But if the text is already selected it will not save the colors you previously used. It is displaying the foratting of the selected text, not the last used styling. It behaves the same way other pop-up styling optoins do (i.e. font size). If you set the options without having text selected it will show those colors in the button once you've clicked back into the text area of the note.

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Tim Hensler | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Sep 16 2019 8:23 PM

Hi Philana.  Thank you for the explanation.

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