Comparing translations of John Calvin's Commentary on John

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Jeremy White | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Oct 9 2019 6:22 PM

I'm doing a survey of commentaries on John. I note that I have two translations of Calvin's commentary. Pringle's from 1847 and then a newer one from Crossway (I see who the editors are but not sure who the translator/s were)

I'm trying to figure out several things:

- it looks like the Crossway edition skips the Epistle Dedicatory it looks like that's all - anyone confirm either way?

- Pringle's edition also includes some (in much older language) words from Christopher Fetherstone. Was he the original translator? Why did Pringle include it if his work is as it states a NEW translation from the original Latin. Happy to be referred to any resource that might have some of the history about this.

- Considering if there is any point in referencing them both. My current thinking would be to go with the Crossway edition to avoid the stumbling points of the more archaic language used in Pringle. My aim is to explore viewpoints of the Biblical text as opposed to the nuances of Calvin. Just thinking out loud on that one.

Thanks for your thoughtful responses :)

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