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Phil | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Nov 17 2019 7:01 PM

I have been requested that we have music played during the per-service slides.  I said "sure, no problem.  Just give me the mp3's"  I was then told that my options were Apple music or Spotify. 

That leads me to my question. I'm not familiar with either one so, Is it possible to have a streaming service like that played as background music or am I going to have to run either of those programs?

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Mike Binks | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 18 2019 1:29 AM

Hi Phil 

I don't think that it is possible at the moment...

We have a full set of Christian Copyright Licences and I am not sure that even then we are really covered for my practice of Purchasing the Tracks from Apple and then uploading a set to use in the pre-service loop.

That, however, is the only practical way of doing this in Proclaim at the moment.

I know that our Song Select subscription facilitates the reporting of Songs used but your post has made me realise that these tracks will have slipped through the net.

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Jordan Sjodin | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Nov 21 2019 3:35 PM

Currently, the best way is to play those outside of Proclaim. If you wanted to do it within Proclaim you would need to do something like Mike suggests (purchase from iTunes, download and upload to Proclaim).

We looked into supporting Spotify within the app, however it would actually break their terms of use to integrate it within Proclaim. In addition, most people's subscriptions are for personal use, not really intended to be played to a large audience... That being said I know of churches that do do this so might be worthwhile to reach out to Apple or Spotify for clarity on what is and isn't allowed.

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