SUGGESTION: Help me use my lexicons more completely (example in Greek)

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Nov 30 2019 3:55 PM

I am illustrating with Greek lexicons but the same is true for Hebrew et. al. where a variety of lexicons exist. Not all lexicons are designed to serve the same function. Some emphasis etymology, others theology, grammar, analytic, semantic domains ... I often find myself missing important information because I didn't look in the "right" lexicon. Therefore, I suggest:

  1. Lists of lexicon entries such as that in the Lemma Guide be broken down by lexicon type e.g. general, etymological, grammar, semantic domain, analytic, theological ... (there may be better classification schemes but that is mine.)
  2. That the Definition portion of the Information Panel be treated in the same way as the Lemma Guide, showing the top entry in each of the lexicon types.
  3. That the Resource panel be modified to show the parallel resource set employed - in this case the top row is 3-general, 4-etymological, 5-grammatical, 6-semantic domain, 7-analytic, and 8-theological. This layout encourages me to seek all the information that my lexicons have to offer.

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