How to access your local Logos library with an iPad (or tablet)

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Christopher (Greenfield, WI) | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Dec 1 2019 3:30 PM


Having used Logos for years on a Windows and now Apple desktop environment, I’m getting ready to add Logos mobile capabilities via an iPad (don’t have one yet).  For intensive research, I still plan on utilizing the desktop version of Logos.  But I’d like to start doing my reading, devotions, etc., from the iPad and then see where that goes as far as digging deeper into Logos.

Over the years, I’ve accumulated between 30-40 Gb of Logos material that is residing on a 2011 iMac (I also have a Faithlife Connect Essentials—no library—subscription).  At this point I’m leaning towards a 3rd generation iPad Pro that will last me at least 10 years (yes I know technology marches on very quickly).

Here’s where I need your advice:

Would you copy your entire library onto your iPad (or whatever tablet you have)  - or -  have the app on the tablet and access your library from the library of your desktop hard drive?

If the consensus is to access the library via the desktop computer, then I may be able to get away with a 64MG iPad as I don’t plan to store a ton of additional apps / information there (famous last words!).*  If however it is more beneficial to store everything right on the iPad, then I’d go the 256 GB route.  The only real reason I can think of not putting the whole Logos “kitchen sink” onto the iPad is that intensive Logos research utilizing an iPad is — dare I say it — not quite there yet (see iPad OS…what do you like?).  With Apple deciding to develop an OS specifically for the iPad (and finally admitting that an iPad won’t replace a notebook), it seems that the iPad (and perhaps tablets in general) will never reach the full capabilities that their notebook / desktop cousins are able to achieve today.  That being said, technology has a way of surprising us all.  That being said, technology has a way of surprising us all.  Kudos to Logos / Faithlife in continuing to make this happen!

So…how do you use Logos / Faithlife with an iPad or tablet with respect to a localized library?

Thanks in advance!

Christopher (Chris)

* The Sidecar feature in iPad OS may work well in this regard.

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Graham Criddle | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Dec 1 2019 3:38 PM

Hi Chris - and welcome to the forums.

The choice isnt actually between downloading everything onto your tablet or accessing resources from your local desktop. While the mobile apps (iOS and Android) can operate well without local resources they access them from Logos servers on the Internet, not your local desktop.

Some people choose to download all their libraries to their tablets but many just download specific resources they always want to have available even when offline. At this moment I have 321 resources downloaded and that is plenty for my requirements.

(I tend to have some Bibles, a range of commentary sets, a few other reference works and the books I am actually reading).

If you have consistently good Internet connection there isn’t really a need to have too many resources downloaded. If you have poor / expensive Internet  access then downloading more may be helpful.

Hope this helps, Graham 

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Hey Graham — thanks for your response!

Everything in my local library is a “copy” of the library that resides on the Logos servers.  

At any time I can download any or all of the library from the Logos servers onto the iPad (or desktop, or iPhone)

I can bypass the local library option altogether and always access my library from the Logos Servers 24/7/365.  Hadn’t thought of this aspect.  I guess I thought that it would be faster to access the library locally rather than through a high-speed Internet connection (that and back in the day every Logos product had to be installed via DVD onto your hard drive).

You’re right—there can’t be that much of a noticeable difference in speed between accessing your library locally or via a high speed Internet connection to the Logos servers.  Thanks for helping me see all of this more clearly.  Your description of only downloading what you regularly use makes a lot of sense!

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