How to return ESV to Paragraph Format

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Claudio Bruno | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Dec 5 2019 4:53 AM

Recently I upgraded from Basic to Academic Essentials package.

After doing, that I notice that my ESV Bible changed from paragraph view to a detailed phrases by phase analysis view. Although this is very helpful when wanting to understand the logical flow, I would also like to be able to return to the paragraph flow for casual reading.

I looked, but was not able to find a setting that would allow me to change between the 2 views.

Does this ability exist?

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Kevin | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 5 2019 5:42 AM


If you click the three dot triangle in the ESV Bible panel, to the right of the magnifying glass, you may find that either one of the 'Discourse Features' or the 'Propositional Outlines' visual filter is selected. Unticking these should resolve your issue.

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Rick | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 5 2019 5:49 AM

Kevin's advice is probably the answer you are looking for but, just for some additional info, there is also a "One verse per line" setting that will determine if it is in a paragraph or not.

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Claudio Bruno | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Dec 6 2019 4:50 AM

I found what I was looking for.  I was looking in the right triple dot menu rather than the filter menu.  I had to turn off the Propositional Outlines option

Thanks for your help

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