SUGGESTION: Biblical Concordance of the Swiss Brethren, 1540

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Feb 13 2020 3:17 PM

We need Biblical Concordance of the Swiss Brethren, 1540 translated by Gilbert Fast and Galen A. Peters (Anabaptist Texts in Translation series) ISBN 1-894710-16-9 in Logos.

This is essentially an early topical index to scripture - usefully for seeing how topics were chosen in the 16th century in the Anabaptist community and what scriptures were assigned to that topic. It also includes references to the deuterocanonical texts.

A portion of the topics:fear of God, repentance, discipleship, rebirth, service of God, faith, baptism, spirit, persecution, bearing witness, be not afraid, patience, love, hope, keeping watch, prayer, fasting, alms, community, righteousness, mercy, sacrifice, concerning the communion meal of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Body, temple of Tod, light, wisdom, humility, pride, treasure, tree, no not worry . . .

I find it very useful to get away from the primary presses' thematic/topical indexes to see how other Christians in other times used Scripture to shapes their lives.

A similar example if you do not already own it is: The Moral Concordances of Saint Anthony of Padua by Anthony of Padua.

If you know of similar resources, I'd love to hear of them ...

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