New book won't appear in library on Android devices

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Kevin Clemens | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Feb 26 2020 4:16 AM

Yesterday my pre-pub order of Beale and Gladd's The Story Retold shipped. It immediately showed up on my desktop, but for the life of me I am unable to get it to show up in the library on either of my Android devices (a Samsung phone and a Likebook Mars). Other recently added books to my library (e.g. LES 2nd ed) are showing up properly.

I have reset Verbum and the devices multiple times.

I have toggled the wi-fi off/on using airplane mode while in Verbum on the devices. Still no dice.

Notes/highlights are properly syncing (i.e. I can highlight on my desktop and it will show on my mobile devices).

I can access The Story Retold on the online app at both and

Any other thoughts on why this book won't show up in the Library? Any suggestions to get it working are appreciated.

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Wei Qiang | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 26 2020 4:27 AM

Hi Kevin 

This product is temporarily unavailable on mobile.

Logos 9 Win 10

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Kevin Clemens | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Feb 26 2020 5:23 AM


Many thanks! I should have scrolled down. My screen cut off just above that notice.

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